Who am I?

Hi, and welcome to my blog about the highs and lows and everything in between about mild ADHD. My name is Jemuel and I shall be your guide throughout my and your journey in a fascinating world.

Having lived for some time on this Earth, I have experienced a lot in learning how to function with ADHD, but putting it mildly, I wasn’t quite sure if I had it but the symptoms I experience throughout my life really does match up with something like this.

Normally, I would’ve thought this was a curse to live with, but perhaps it does have its positives! For one, it means I can share my experiences with you! And two, it’s something to overcome and enjoy, mild ADHD is not an enemy but a companion that will really challenge you to be your best self.

Which is why, let’s take this journey together and learn from each other to live and let live with mild ADHD!

What is Mild ADHD?

How can you define something like mild ADHD? Well, medically, it involves a few symptoms from this list to be present and these “result in a minor impairment in social, school, and work settings.”

There are other stages or severities of ADHD like moderate and severe, but mild is the least worst of the three (think of it as the youngest child I guess). People with mild ADHD can still function at a high level even with the symptoms present, though it can lessen or change as individuals grow.

Clinically, it can be spotted by a professional, but I’m aware many people can recognize their own symptoms from a simple Google search. However, if ADHD is mild, it shouldn’t be a concern. Everyday tasks may be a challenge with mild ADHD, but it shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goals.

Think of it like a hill. Yes, it may be annoying to climb over it, yet you keep climbing. You know why? Because what’s beyond the hill is greater than the challenge itself.

Work with it, don’t fight it.

What’s in it for you?

So, that’s enough about me, what’s in it for you? With this blog, I hope to create a community that is tight-knit where people can share their own journey and experiences with ADHD. I feel as if it’s not talked about enough where people can find individuals like them and learn lessons that they can apply to their own life.

Therefore, this blog is a place where I can share my own stories and tips, and hopefully a place where you can to!