Welcome to the mildly interesting world of Mild ADHD.

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The Challenge: Trying Something New

Let’s try something a bit more personal today. Something from my own experience: starting something new. Well, at least, the attempt at starting something new. You know it, I know it, it’s all about: Procrastination. In fact, I’ve procrastinated on this piece and probably doing it right now (it’s literally taken me a month to … Read more

Does Mild ADHD Exist?

Ever get a moment where it seems as if you’ve got too many things bouncing off the screens? Or a time when the conversation just seemed to get heavier the longer it went on? I’ve experienced both of those things at various points in my life, and trust me, to put it “mildly,” it ain’t … Read more

Do I Have ADHD or Anxiety: What’s the Difference?

As of February 2023, a recent stat shows that over 10.5 million adult Americans are currently diagnosed with ADHD. 50% of those also say they face anxiety disorders alongside ADHD. This makes knowing whether you have ADHD or anxiety quite tricky when facing the fact that you can have both at the same time! If … Read more

About Me

Hi, I’m Jemuel. I’m kinda-mildly-maybe ADHD (not clinically-diagnosed), but I learned to work with it and with some grease work, I think you can too!